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Sustainable Energy


Built to Last California covers a wide range of installations and after-services. Here are the current services that we provide to residential and commercial clients in California:


Solar for Homeowners

Built to Last California is your best plug for solar power installations in your homes in California. We have installed over 1,200 solar powers and counting since we entered the solar industry. You will get the solar panel and its components, all with a warranty.

Commercial solar

Let your business space, offices, and other commercial spaces become lit with our range of solar power panels installed with the best industry practices.

man and pannels

Solar Batteries

Get a backup plan for days that the sun might not be enough to power your residential and commercial areas. We source the best quality batteries and help you install them so that you never run out of power.

Roofing services

Built to Last California has understood the struggles that come with installing solar panels on roofs that are not well constructed or even damaged ones. Therefore, we decided to be the change that we want to see- our roofing services are done to perfection and handled by expert technicians that will make the eventual Installation of solar panels easy for the team.

Switching Roofs
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