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Solar Installation that is built to last


The increasing power bills have a one-stop solution - "invest in solar," and smash the constant increment and save more. We at Built to Last cater residential and commercial solar Installation in California and deliver timely services along with the custom-designed solar panels that optimize today's savings.



Home battery storage installation that is done to perfection


Power is the real deal, and have never worried about running out of electricity is a huge relief. At Built to Last California, we help you explore solar Installation innovations that will further ease your living. Use the home battery storage installation to convert your solar energy into a source of power.


Built to Last California- handling solar installations that stand the test of time


We are in California and are founded to cater solely to your solar installation needs. We are a locally driven solar Installation and roofing company specializing in helping homeowners and businesses get the best solar power and tap into the potentials of the growing source of energy. We take every client dearly, and we love to leave just the impression of professionalism and exceptional customer experience.


We have installed over 1,200 systems, and we have launched our entrance into the solar industry since 2010; this means that we have evolved over the years and gotten attuned to the best industry practices and style.


We offer services ranging from solar panel installation, inverter installations, battery sourcing and storage, and roofing services. We are open to working with private homeowners and commercial areas, all within a pocket-friendly budget.

Why Choose Built to Last California?


Committed Customer Service

We provide highly customized customer support. Our customers profit from our reliable, flexible solutions, which ensure that projects are delivered on time.


Top-Notch Technology

With our prowess in Research and Development, we ensure that our products meet ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards of quality, reliability, durability and general safety.



It is a no-brainer to tackle your large-scale solar and energy storage assets with a consultative approach and an owner’s mentality. Your solar system is in safe hands!

Our Services

Solar Installation- With the world gradually tilting towards solar energy to power homes and businesses, we are experts at installing solar panels for our clients. We do this with the peak of professionalism that you can expect. We can do our solar installation services to suit your budget and expectations- we do custom-based installations.


Roofing Services- Look nowhere else for your professional roofing needs in California, we have mastered the art of roofing over the years, and we are your best plug for neat and high-quality roofing services.

Battery Storage- Enjoy the maximum potentials of Solar energy by adding a home storage battery to your list. This cut-edge technology allows you to keep the energy emitted by the solar Installation and gets you running on full power for days.


Get your Solar and Home Battery Storage Installations done in 3 simple steps.


Are you in California and have heard a lot about solar energy and the recent tilt towards its use? Have you been convinced that solar power is an alternative way of getting a constant source of electricity, and you would not want to miss out? In these three simple steps, you will enjoy the benefits of solar power:


Step 1:


Reach out to us- we have a team of solar experts that will consult with you to understand your preferences and determine such things as the inverter type, battery capacity, etc. This is a completely free service, and we do it to help us understand the full scale of your solar needs.


Step 2:


Let’s start the planning- Once we are done with the consultation process, it is time for our engineers to start the plan drafting and permit. You are just one step away from getting your Installation done.


Step 3:


The Installation- Our roofing experts and solar installers spring into action at this stage. We move in and begin the installation processes. We work within the set timeframe, and with an extension in the deadline, we inform our clients.


Ready to start tapping into the energy of the sun now?

Call 800-509-0072 or visit our office at 7465 Mission Gorge Rd. San Diego, CA.

Customer Testimonial

"Excellent firm and operation - the sales representative was excellent, provided useful information, and was available for follow-up. The installers were also excellent; they did an excellent job, were considerate, and polite."

– Paul Rose

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